empty page
overcome recovering
momentary high
lungs hurt buzzing skin
low fire habit
brain hurt wheels against
cinematographer christ
moments dramatic blur
shred nudity fierce
wonderful women love
crucial bipeds random life
god forbid
pale compacted trash
flattened cardboard
thought mind apology
little box
easier to accept
lie wrapped truth
mad individual inside
friend lover grocer
fall apart dust
god mice death
object thought hope word
memory failing forget things
listening sleeping breathing
watching this star one night
started to move not fall
but move
blinked and back
supposed to be
dented brain
dream color
sleep a year dream drives crazier
slaps me sleeping face
woke up tomorrow fifty grey
consideration afraid woman elude
painfully convinced have already met her
see clear her eyes
missed chance
woman at laundromat
probably her
fucking luck
lost in music
love with voice
purchase behind closed eyes
bottle a voice
couldn't breathe almost die
find shelter in mouth
between awake a dream
dark in places
brilliant others
reds blood
blues sky
eyelids mind music
peaceful chaotic sensual stagnate
music ended eyes open
tragically clear
strawberry shortcake couch
lost rest of eternity
lost darkness behind eyelids
altered mind waste
20 women
fucking pathetic
hot shaky
strange man sitting bench
strange man bar
coffee house drunk
pulled gum off some arm
drunk but gum on arm
(how the hell did that get there?)
is that gum?
talking to nobody part
trust me
thoughts floating
place thought on page
mind to pen
need sleep
flipping channels
2 violins cellist
classical stole friend love with
wanted woman
sadly never have
rachel burton violin
sorry kids
really do love
told told back
sad drunk
mild intoxication
bad cigarettes
fucking muggy rain
rent forever
last breath lungs
red monkey garage sale vase thing
female abstract piece
her life mysterious beauty grace
beautiful sensual
feels looks thinks
killing inside
2 eyes mirror
she called listen to me
human being christ
hard words pen hand bleakly
heart was fire
mind hurts
idea of me
intense mad person
unattainable god
fascinates me
hope jumps into eyes
we don't make sense
that sting
created life a dream
burn pain enough cry
just once
getting real
make things stale
2 days chaos
massive head injury
plural for moose
interludes ramblings
(if i could see me now)
words words words words
thoughtless mindless
confusion thoughts
everything wanted
anything need
nothing have
crazy subtle life
this mind?
this life?
transparent cardboard plywood
forever forget
crinkle cut of cloud
ground from sky
from stars
(and as fast as i recognized it
for what it was
it had vanished into
the darkness surrounding)
clean fragmented life
can be beautiful
ugly world ugly things