Photo Prints For Sale
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Goodbye Babylon 1
12x18 - $10 each
Order Code: GB1

Goodbye Babylon 2
12x18 - $10 each
Order Code: GB2

Blue Bear
12x12 - $10 each
Order Code: BB1

9x12 - $10 each
Order Code: EYE

Winged Dead Thing
Order Code: WDT
9x12 - $10 each
Order Code: STO

Shark Monster
12x18 - $10 each
Order Code: SM1

Kettle Bird
12x18 - $10 each
Order Code: KB1

Dapper Monster
12x18 - $10 each
Order Code: DM1

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Chris Roberts, Dead Clown Art
1255 SE University Ave, Apt 311
Waukee, IA 50263

Additional Information:

• All prints are MATTE finish.
• All prints signed and dated on back.
• Shipping is $3 US for each print.
• Allow up to 2-3 weeks for delivery.
• Most prints will ship flat.
• 16x20 prints will ship in a tube.


Drop me a line. Thank you!