"Chris is one of the most interesting artists working in the field today. His portfolio is a madhouse stocked with gorgeous monsters, sheer whimsy, visions delicate, disturbing and endlessly inventive."

Helen Marshall, award-winning author of Skeleton Leaves, Hair Side Flesh Side,
The Sex Lives of Monsters and Gifts for the One Who Comes After

Helen Marshall    @manuscriptgal

"Chris' artwork is glorious: innovative, strange, irreverent and thoughtful. Above all, he makes you look twice and think forever about what he's created."

Sandra Kasturi, Co-Publisher, ChiZine Publications, and award-winning author of
The Animal Bridegroom and Come Late to the Love of Birds

Sandra Kasturi    ChiZine    @Sandra_Kasturi

"Sometimes you need an artist with ideas, other times you need one with talent and, just occasionally, you need someone who can meet your dagbusted crazy deadline. Well then, look no further cos Chris is the go-to guy in every respect. He'll add extra dimensions to that already-late-as-hell project and have the end result near-on speak to you and whisper your name: heck, every now and then, he'll even make you plain weep with awe and admiration."

Peter Crowther, Publisher, PS Publishing, and award-winning author of
The Longest Single Note, By Wizard Oak and Darkness Falling

Peter Crowther    PS Publishing

"I keep Chris' artwork in my office, to look at when I need inspiration. It is witty and sinister, and is simply bursting with strange ideas."

Robert Shearman, award-winning author of Remember Why You Fear Me
and They Do the Same Things Different There

Robert Shearman    @ShearmanRobert

"Chris combines brilliant artistic talent with an understanding and love of story. What you get is work that is deeply-layered, thought-provoking, and original."

Kaaron Warren, award-winning author of Slights and Walking the Tree

Kaaron Warren    @KaaronWarren

"Chris is a fantastic artist/illustrator, whose imagination and creativity knows no bounds. What's more, his idiosyncratic technique gives his works a distinctive aura, which makes them immediately recognizable. I love the covers he did for my novels. They express their content perfectly. I consider Chris one of the best around. Period."

Seb Doubinsky, author of The Babylonian Trilogy/Goodbye Babylon
and The Song of Synth/Absinth

Seb Doubinsky

"The first step Chris took in creating the front and back covers of my collection The Pottawatomie Giant (PS Publishing, 2012) was to read the complete manuscript—more than once! His second step was to start sharing his ideas and sketches with me via email. Thanks to Chris' artistry, my collection was one of the best-looking books of the year; thanks to his professionalism, the cover process was, for me, not only harmonious but revelatory, an unfolding of delight."

Andy Duncan, award-winning author of The Pottawatomie Giant and Other Stories
and Beluthahatchie and Other Stories


"As an artist and illustrator, Chris takes a magpie's delight in discovering overlooked gems and making them shine. His designs are both flamboyant and precise, with an immediate appeal that invites all to revel in his gleefully macabre themes."

Tobias Seamon, author of The Emperor's Toy Chest and The Fair Grounds

Tobias Seamon